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Vilkas gulped the beer down in front of him.
Sometimes, he really thought he needed one glass or one dozen glasses of beer.
Working with Kevin was already bad enough, but working with Kevin knowing that
he had a boyfriend now?

At first, it felt terrible to watch them together,
like his heart had been taken out of his body and ripped apart. He couldn't
even look at the red wolf without being angry and jealous. Now, though, he
supported their relationship… and he was also jealous. They looked cute
together, and if there were someone who could put Kevin in his place, he would
be happy. He still kind of wished that it would be him, though.

It still stung, but… if anything, Kevin taught him
that nothing was permanent. Now, as long as Kevin was happy, then he would be

The husky let out a sad chuckle. He really was a
sucker for “true love" as that dumb wolf put it, wasn't he? He wouldn't turn
down casual sex, but when it came to relationships, he wanted to be serious.
That was the reason no matter how hot and alluring Kevin was, Vilkas was never
sure about having a relationship with him. Kevin was too casual for him. Maybe
they were really meant to be just friends.

No matter how much it hurt.

“Then he was like, Imma give you 50 if you lemme touch
you. I was, dude, what the fuck! He just smirked at me so okay sure I gave in.
Like, who would want to turn down 50 euros just to let someone touch you?"

They laughed. Vilkas then refilled his glass with
water and leant back on his seat. He was eating out with Mike and Ivri since
today they were free.

“Guess you got your first gay client, then." Mike
nudged Ivri. “I wonder how long can your straightness last."

The hyena snickered. “Shouldn't I be asking you that?"

“I'm proud to say that my straightness is still

“Tell me that when I see you flirting with Mr Stefan!"

“Oi!" Vilkas said, making the two turn to look at him.
He flexed his arms. “Left one for the dudes, right one for the girls!"

They two laughed and shoved him.

“You're cheating!"

“Stop flexing that biseshualty!"

He laughed and burped a bit, then drank more water. “I
thou oughta slow down, jack. Thou'rt getting dizzy."

Mike leant on the table, closing his eyes. “Mebbe thou'rt right. Gimme some water."

Ivri poured the jackal some water and he drank it empty.

“Anyway, dog, I noticed Mr Dark hasn't been flirting
thee." The jackal asked him. “Hell, he'sn't been coming

“Yeah, yote come there less often."

Vilkas blamed the alcohol for the blush that crept up
his cheek. He took another sip and looked at them. “Dunno, but he said work's
been busy, so there's that."

Actually, Lucas more often came to his flat instead of
the bar, now. They weren't doing anything weird, just hanging out and talking
about random stuff. Lucas didn't come every day, and when he did, he usually
didn't stay for long. The coyote's shift ended at 16 while his own shift
started at 17, so they only hung out for an hour or so. Sometimes the coyote
brought something to eat, other times they just had juice or whatever thing
that was in the fridge.

That was curious, but nothing weird. The coyote's flat
was just a few buildings away after all.

“When was the last time he came there?"

“Uh, last week, maybe? I saw him with Jeremy last

“Did you meet him, dog?"

The husky shrugged. “Aye. He wasn't long, though. Got
something else to do."

“How 'bout you help him to do?"

He looked at Ivri who raised his brows playfully. Vilkas
gave a mrf at that.

“You what, mate?" Mike put the glass down.

“C'mon, helm hid mo—help him do? You're the middleman,
ain'tcha, Mike?"

“Psh. Middleman my arse. Yote's all over dog, eh? I
mean, aye he talks to me sometimes, but… eh, wait…" He scratched his ear. “Eh
maybe I am the middleman."

“Not to mention he met you first before he met Vilkas."

The husky gulped from the glass, his ears going down
as they talked about Lucas… wait they didn't know his real name, did they? Better
keep it that way.

“Thou owe me 50 euros, Vil."


“I'm the reason ye can snog."

Ivri laughed as Vilkas' ears flattened.

“Aww look at the poor puppy!"

“Mebbe we should stop teasing him lest he piss his
pants! Or y'know, cum his pants."

The two laughed, leaving Vilkas to wonder if he should
leave them to pay for his drinks. When his ears were back up, though.
Unfortunately, his ears were already flat on his head for him to feel even more

“So, Vil, you mind giving me some heads?"

Hearing that, he looked at Ivri. “Giving you what?"

“Just imagine me as Mr Dark or something."

“And here I am doubting your straightness." Mike
smirked at the hyena.

“Fuck you, too, Mike."

“I rest my case."

“Fuck you."

The husky took a deep breath and straightened himself
on the chair. Ivri wasn't really his type; he was hot but just not his type. “You
know you can't just ask someone to give you head, eh, Ivri?"

The hyena shrugged. “Worth a try."

“Just let him be. He's gonna stay horny anyway. 25
euros he'll be begging Mr Cadiz to give him heads."

“I'm gonna do 30."

“30 is then."

“I can fucking hear you!"

Mike snickered while Vilkas chuckled.

“Or you know, ask Kevin." Mike added.

“Kevin? Wolf's gay?"

Vilkas refilled his glass and drank it. “Why don't you
ask him and find out?"

“Uh…" The hyena held his muzzle, the spot where Kevin
had punched him earlier this week. When Vilkas looked back at it, he kind of deserved
that punch. To be fair, Kevin already told him that he was in a bad mood, but
Ivri kept being an arse, so… let's just say he only watched the two with an
amused grin with a worried Miya next to him.

He knew Kevin had bad anger management sometimes. The
punch itself wasn't that hard, so maybe it was the shock.

“Wolves, dude, they're aggressive."

He frowned at that.

“That's speciesist, mate." Mike said to the hyena,
also frowning. “Kevin told you he was in a bad mood."

“Yeah, but h—"

He had to change the topic away. “No buts. You know
I'm a bestie with Kevin. I'm pretty sure when he finds out he's gonna punch you
some more."

“Vilkas, no!"

He grinned and chuckled. “That's Kevin for you."

“That's Vilkas for you." Ivri corrected.

“For us you mean." said Mike.

Ivri rolled his eyes. “Yeah, for you, not me. Imma let
dog make out with yote."

“Hey, Vil, I think he's jealous."


“Yeah, Mike. I dunno, Mr Dark doesn't really like to

“See? He's secretly gay all this time."

“Y'all gonna talk shit about me behind me?!"

“We're talking shit about you in front of you." The husky said.


“You want Mr Dark to fuck you? Or Mr Cadiz? I'm not
gonna judge."

“Fu—no! Not that! Fuck!"

They only watched with grins as Ivri lost his
composure. Honestly, it was fun to tease the hyena. He had been such an arse
for too often. It wasn't that he was a bad guy, the hyena just had a knack of
being untactful sometimes.

Heck, even when he was being tactful, he was still

Vilkas gulped down his beer. Well, he knew his own
tact wasn't bright all the time anyway, but at least he was aware of it. “Come
on. Think we've had enough. I don't wanna drag your sorry arse back home again,

The hyena snorted. “As if you ever did that."

“Y'know what, Mike, let's head to my flat. At least I have
a bed where thou can crash."


“Aye-aye. Won't be left in the streets."

They put their empty glasses on top of the snack plate
and put it in the middle of the table, then stood up and walked away, leaving
Ivri who scrambled to stand up and failed miserably. Vilkas didn't look at him,
but he could hear the hyena stumbling over the table. He held back a laugh.

“Hey wait!"

After paying for their food and drinks, they exited
the restaurant and got on the bus heading towards the husky's flat. Somehow,
Ivri regained full control when he walked outside. Too bad; it would be funny
to see him getting drunk in public and get told off by a police officer… again.

“Kinda nice of thee to 've gotten us a private room
there." Mike said to him.

Vilkas shrugged. “Figured out we'll get all noisy
inside, especially with that oaf over there."

Ivri didn't seem to notice that.

When they arrived, Ivri immediately launched himself onto
the sofa, groaning softly. He hugged the pillow and moaned while Vilkas got
them some water. Hopefully it would help them with the hangover. Ivri was a
rather heavy drinker while Mike got drunk easily.

He slapped the hyena's arse. “Don't you dare sleep here."
Then he put the glasses down on the table and sat down next to Mike who was
sitting down like a normal person and not lying all over the couch.

“Fuck off."

“Nah, let him. Just put him outside when he makes too
much noise."

“Good plan. Will do."

Turning the television on, he let Mike lean on his
shoulder, gripping his head and uttering a small apology. “Wanna play some

“Honestly too dizzy to do so." The jackal said. “How
much drank I again?"

“Three glasses."

“Damn. Am I really that weak? Also Vilkas thou'rt so

The husky let out a small chuckle. “Beware of the

“Why artn't thou knocked out?"

“I drank just what, three glasses? I know thou'rt
weak, so let's just bully that bright-witted knob of a hyena over there who drank
two full bottles."

“I did not!"

Mike gave the hyena a thumbs-up. “Nice. I'm starting
to think you're dead over there."

“Says the one who's leaning over Vilkas like some gay

“I'm not afraid to do so with my strong belief of my
heterosexuality. How about you?"

Ivri grumbled, then turned over and gave them his
back. Vilkas and Mike just laughed.

The hyena then sat up and gripped his head, then drank
the water. “Really, I feel like I'm gonna pass out any minute."

“I'm gonna give you my shift for a week if you throw
up here."

“Go Vilkas."

Ivri dismissed him with his hand. “Yeah, yeah. Been
there, done that."

“Something tells me that you want it again."

“Hell no!" After a small pause, the hyena continued.
“Well, if the tip goes like that again then why not."

Mike laughed. “See? Yeen's gay for pay!"

“I didn't fucking say the tips are from dudes!"

“And I didn't say that." The jackal grinned
victoriously at him. “You were the one to think that way."

“Careful, Mike, or he's gonna drink another bottle
tomorrow." Vilkas added.

They two laughed. “Oh, man, it happened just like

“It was Jeremy's idea, you know." Ivri rolled his eyes
and crossed his arms.

“But still, you're impressive…"

“Impressively naïve, I say."

“Impressively stupid."

“Yeah, yeah, I'm impressive. I don't see you two can
handle things like me." The hyena rolled his eyes.

Vilkas drank his water. “Sorry, I don't run away from
my angry customers."

The snicker on Ivri's face fell. “It was Jeremy's

The husky chuckled.

“Anyway, where does Kevin live again?"

Vilkas groaned inside. Why was Ivri really keen on
talking about Kevin? Was it because of their stupid rivalry? He didn't want to
think about Kevin for now. No matter how open he was to him about having a
boyfriend, it still hurt.

He didn't answer, just elongating his legs and
switching the channels. He really was nothing against Octo. The panther dared
act on the wolf, while him? Even if he didn't think that Kevin would be a
perfect suit for him, at least they could try to manage or something.

Instead, Mike replied. “Near workplace, you know."


“He always came by walking. Besides, he said he lived
near there."

The husky just let the two talk about Kevin. Mike was
getting heavy on his shoulder, but this felt nice.

Really, if it hadn't been for the fact that Mike was
straight, he might have asked him out already. The jackal was a nice person,
and although he wasn't as buff as Kevin, he was still hot. And he looked
somewhat badass, too; he just looked like a chill guy most of the time.

Letting out a chuckle, he just looked at the
television while his mind spaced away. While it was true that he had imagined
some explicit scenarios involving the jackal, he knew he was straight, so he never
messed with him. Besides, the husky wasn't one to just mess with people, softie
as he was as Kevin had put it.

No, no, it shouldn't come back to Kevin, dammit!

He sighed and drank the water. Stupid wolf. Now, back
to Mike.

The jackal sat up straight and moved away. Vilkas
already felt the warmth seeping away from him. They were still bickering, now
about something else, fortunately. Maybe it was a good idea for them to talk to
ease the headache.

Someone knocked at the door, making them turn to look
at it. Who could it be? It was 20 in the night and they didn't have a shift
today. Maybe it was Lucas? But Lucas didn't usually come at this time in the
night. But he also remembered telling the coyote that he was free today.

“Go open it." Ivri said.

“Yes, what a good host you are." Mike said mockingly,
then turned to the husky. “Vil, open it."

Vilkas threw a pillow to the laughing jackal. “Bloody

He stood up and opened the door, revealing Lucas with a
big box of chicken salad in the hallway. His fur bristled a bit in surprise,
then he smiled brightly, then he blushed and scratched his nape. “E-eh, hi

The coyote worriedly looked inside, then at him.
“Sorry, are you having guests? Should I come back later?"

“No, no! Just come in!" He moved aside to let Lucas
come in.

Lucas saw Mike and Ivri, then smiled a bit at them.
“Hey, uh, sorry, I wasn't expecting Vilkas to have guests tonight." He said

Mike smiled back and beckoned at the coyote to come
inside. “No, no, it's fine. Please come and sit down."

Ivri giggled a bit, but Mike whacked him.

Lucas went inside. “Also, here's chicken salad."

“Nice. Thanks, uh, just get the plates in the

“Sure." The coyote walked to the kitchen, leaving them
three in the living room.

Vilkas turned to Mike and Ivri who were grinning like
madmen. He sighed exasperatedly, then pointed his finger at the two. “Be-fucking-have!"

Mike's grin turned into a smile. “Aye-aye." Ivri, on
the other hand, grinned evilly at him. “So this is where Mr Dark's been coming

The husky facepalmed. “No…"

“Don't be like that, Vil. I won't say anything except
that I'm surprised."

“This isn't like that!"

“Aw, you think the guys back there are gonna happy
when they hear 'bout this shit?"

“Ivri, don't you dare!"

“Don't worry, Vil. I'll get this oaf under control."

“Get what under control?"

They turned at Lucas as the coyote approached. Vilkas just
moved aside to let the coyote sit down. “Nothing, just, uh… you didn't tell me
you were coming."

Putting the plates and utensils on the table, Lucas sat
down. “I did, but you didn't read my messages or pick up my calls. I was just
bored at home. Sorry if I came at the wrong moment, though."

“No, no, it's okay." Mike said. “We were just hanging
out, right Vilkas?"

“Y-yeah. Sorry about that, I left my phone in my

“Okay then, well, feel free, Mr—"

“Just call me Mike." The jackal interrupted him with a
smile. “We're not in the bar, anyway."

“Y-yeah, and, uh…"

“Call me Ivri. Guess you already know his name?" Ivri
pointed at Vilkas.

The husky flustered at that, more so when Lucas said.
“Yeah, Vilkas."

“So, you come over to Vilkas often…?"

He shot a look at Mike over Lucas' back. The jackal
just ignored it and kept smiling as the coyote took a portion of the chicken
salad. The husky huffed in exasperation; he knew that expression.

“Lucas, just call me Lucas. Not really. Well,
sometimes. I live near here anyway and we've known each other since shortly
after he graduated."

Facepalming again, Vilkas leant on the sofa with a
blush. Really, Mike could be so cunning sometimes. It wasn't that he didn't
want them to know about Lucas like this, but now just wasn't the correct time. At
least this was just Mike and Ivri. Heavens forbid Jeremy found out about this,
much less Lolita.

Much less Kevin.

He shuddered a bit, pretending to take a portion of
the chicken salad. It was enough that Kevin knew that Lucas was a regular of
his in the bar. Kevin didn't need to know that the coyote had been coming to
his place. If the wolf knew, his reputation in the wolf's eyes would be gone
and he would be teased to death.

“After he graduated?"

“Yeah. Moved here about a year ago when we met. Just
recently met with him outside the bar." The coyote let out a small chuckle,
ignorant of the blush creeping up Vilkas' face. Why was he so casual to tell
him about how they met?

“Vilkas wasn't being too forward, was he?" Ivri said,
his tone changing to that sweet tone he used when serving customers.

Somehow, Vilkas had this crazy idea that they were
about to do some… sexual activity… together…

The husky shook his head. “Who do you think I am? I'm
not like you, Ivri."

“And that makes me worry, Vil."

“You worry about everything, Ivri." said Mike.

Letting out a small chuckle, Lucas just watched their
interaction. Vilkas was glad that at least they made a good impression on the
coyote. Everyone in the bar knew that Mike is a nice guy anyway, but Ivri was

What did the coyote think about him, anyway?

Vilkas just pushed that thought away. Probably he
thought he was just another nice guy, which he didn't mind.

Okay, they were past that. No use in thinking about
that now.

…except it made him remember that they used to do some
questionable things together. Lucas was strong, dangerous-looking, dark, and
totally in contrast to what he was right now, all polite and sweet. The coyote
told him that he just went with the bad boy attitude because people thought it
went well with his looks, and Vilkas agreed.

But he wasn't opposed to this all polite and sweet
Lucas, either. Heck, he would want to have both.

Mike threw a joke, and they all laughed.