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A long day done | A tired sleep needed

For peaceful rest called | And tiredness was heeded

A dream shown suddenly | A history to unfold

Thy protector now revealed | Their story now told

Old was the time | On the Isle Erin

When the wolves walked | Amongst the peat span

The Faoladh of many | The Conroicht their kin

In times long past | Lived freely among man

For eons of many | Wolves made home within

Both living and not | A presence of respect

For with their guidance | They sought to protect 

Their blood and kin | Who lived in Erin

The males were mighty | Their mates were strong

For through their teaching | Erin was ever braven 

The lost were safe | The weak not wronged

As the Faoladh walked | Along the Isle Erin

The time would come | The fall of wolves

And the Faoladh made | To hide among men

For from the east | There came a force

To usurp the hearts | Of Erin’s great kin

Their spirits made cold | With eyes wide shut

The ones who came | Told of thorned crowns

And stole the hearts | Of Erin’s young men

Who sought to purge | That which they hated

The wolves of Erin | Though now sight hidden

Did not just abandon | Their blood in man

Only those with which |  The Faoladh lived within

Did know their beauty | And understand their kin

An isle of time | An isle of turmoil

The land of Erin | Was owned by many

And as time marched | The Isle’s blood thinned

Seeping into the rocks | of the great world

In every land far | On every nation’s soil

Lives the blood of | Erin’s kith and kin

For they are now | A people made strong

Born from their hardship | Made now whole again

Son of Erin’s kin | Blood of Erin’s land

Listen faintly at night | As dreams may begin

For when the Faoladh | Might appear once again

A life of simplicity | Shall come to end

A call made clear | An answer not needed

Awaken son of Erin | Faoladh are now near 

A life made whole | One’s soul now eased

For a Conroicht sought | And I did dream