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CHAPTER 1 - Short Story 1



Short Story Session 1

By Randall Ranger

These are only short story exercises used to test the functionality of the SFX upload system. 

Amarie looked at the time on her phone and then looked back at the computer screen. 'Two minutes left on this job and then I am gone' she thought to herself. While it seemed that she was busy doing work, the Akita has been done more than half an hour ago and she is just idly suring the interner to pass the time. It's not that the job itself is bad but the current project that the group is working on is going slowly. Her current project team has to wait for the team before them to finish going through the mistakes they made before it is passed to them.

Going back to her phone a mere seconds later, Amarie unlocks it and goes right to the message app; there she looks at the most recent message that has been occupying her time for the past few hours.

G- Hey there! I can't wait to meet you at the cafe after work. I've been thinking about you all week.

The Akita sighs softly and smiles; for the past two weeks, she has been talking to another person she met up on one of the popular dating sites. At thirty six years of age, she has spent the majority of her life working at the firm and made her way up to project manager. Now that she feels that she is where she needs to be, she can begin to focus on settling down and hopefully start a family.

It took a few weeks from where Amarie first created her account and set up a profile to finding someone she could have a connection with. George, a Chesapeake Retriever, showed up on her interest list and, judging from the other profiles she has spent more than a few days looking and passing through, he seemed like the real deal. What started as a short text conversation turned into long talks on the phone overnights. George, a few years older than Amarie, would be a retired military officer and is now working part time turning wrenches at a car dealership. He, too, was focused on his work back then that he didn't have time for casual dating up to this point.

'One minute to go!' The Akita stood up and straightened her suit, a cream colored blouse accented the dark blue jacket and knee high skirt, and then logged off the computer before turning it off completely. She had no reason to change because George wanted to see her as she is after work; that plus the cafe in question is only a couple blocks away and she can walk there easily. A quick stretch with a loud yawn and she would grab her purse and head towards the door of the office. The mirror caught her attention and she looked at it quickly to make sure she looked decent. "All right, Amarie; you got this. Your first date!" she said to get some of her nerves out of the way as she walked out of the office and closed the door behind her.