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Chapter 9;
Northern caves.

Pain, everlasting pain. They said it would
stop. The doctors said it would stop, but it never stopped. Dion could only
wait and watch what was happening to him. Dragged from the world he saw as
reality and thrown back into the hospital. Laying on bed with his body stuffed
with needles. The steady bleed of the heart monitor. A tube forced through his
neck for him to breath. He was not able to breathe on his own, let alone talk.
His life was in the hands of cold mindless machines. He could not help but to
feel alone, a waste. His parents and friends visited him regularly, telling him
stories he should care about. How they missed him, how strong he was. Some
plain white lies to make him feel better. As salt to the wound one of his exes
visited him telling him that everything would be alright and that he was the
best. In all honestly If he could he would slap her. He felt alien in this
body, in the human form. He hardly felt like it was his life, his body and his
mind. Trough he might have to face it, that what he believed was true that it
was an fantasy. He could overhear the doctors. A new doctor would take care of
him, an expert in reviving an coma patient. He could hear that he had been in
the had been fatally injured during the crash. Half a year it has been. For
half a year he had been in coma and now he had awakened. It was around the time
he was with Rakshasi. He hoped she will be alright. Or did she even exist and
if not…why she was with him. He could feel that somewhere in his mind she was
still calling to him talking. It might just be echoes of the world he had been
in, his mind trying to drag him back into a world of false security.

Over the week he would fade in and out of
consciousness at random times. Most of the times he would awaken finding
himself all alone. Nothing but the clock on the wall to keep track of how long
he had been awake and how long he had been asleep. With nothing to occupy his
mind but his slow recovery he actually longed for the world he was in. every
time he drifted off into sleep he hoped he would awaken with Rakshasi. But time
again and again he would just find himself waking up in the same bed, in the
same hospital and in the same boring live he is used to. He could feel the
memories of Rakshasi fading away as the time passed on. With all his might he
fight to keep them with him. to keep Rakshasi in his mind so one day they might
meet again. If not who would help her, who would take care of her. He refused
to stop thinking the world was not real, it had to be. It must be for him. he
was utterly sure that the smells, the images, the pain and the emotions where
beyond the capabilities of his own mind. While his parents tried to keep his
focused to this world he longed more and more to the other world.

Again his
eyes opened to a strange new world. He could see granite all around him. a warm
glow of a fire reflected from the rocks to his eyes. This was not the hospital.
Dion looked around to find himself in a cave with a little fire. Two brown
backpacks resting against the wall closest to him. he could feel his body once
more, his dragon body. A wave of joy overcame him as he could move. It took him
some effort to stand on his legs again. He had not walked for at least three
weeks. Dion looked around again, getting the details of the cave he was in.
both ways of the cave where black and ran on for god knows how long. His eye
felt on a small grey shape that was laying against one of the rocks. Step by
step me made his way to the figure. Once close enough he could see what it
was…a skeleton, a dragon skeleton. A cold panicked shiver ran down his
neck…Rakshasi? Could it be her? Tears started to slow down his cheeks. No it
couldn't be, it shouldn't be. Without her what should he do. Slowly he came
closer to the skeleton. It did not seemed to be killed, no crushed bones or
anything. Natural death? So far Rakshasi never told of a dragon who died by
ages, a disease? If so would it still be around? Might he be next? Or what
about starvation, would he starve to death? Fear, panic and sorrow filled his
mind until something heavy dropped behind him with an muffled sound. He turned around
and hissed, ready to protect himself. His eyes glazed at the shape of Rakshasi.
She glared at him with a shocked look. She was shaking all over, her mouth
open. Dion's eyes started to tear in joy. He stood up and walked to her. “Dion…" her mind felt like an hurricane.
She came running to him, embracing him with her strong arms. “I am…alright" Dion remembered the last
question Rakshasi asked him. He could feel her tears running down her cheek and
touch his red scales. “you were
asleep…for two weeks"
her voice shivered. Her body embraced him even
tighter. Two weeks? That was the same amount of time he was in the
hospital…could it be? Dion slowly broke the embrace “I am awake now…I missed you" he dam well knew that it was
something a bit cliché to say something like that. He could not come up with
other words then those. “Dion…what
happened…you were suddenly gone"
Dion took a deep breath and swallowed. His
mouth became dry as he was reminded to what had happened “I was…" he paused “Better
sit down..
" he could feel his legs protesting. They did not have to carry
his weight for some weeks. Rakshasi gave him a wet smile, tears had coated her
scales with a shiny layer of water. They sat down next to the fire. Dion
slightly leaning against Rakshasi's shoulder as he told the story of the
hospital. What happened to him while he was there. Actually what he seen and
not as much did. Rakshasi seemed shocked as he told about his parents, his
mate. His whole human live. He never realised that he actually had such of a complex
life in a totally different world apart from this. It baffled her that he
actually missed this world, the world she was in. did he really choice her over
his parents, his friends and his mate? What was so special about her. Later she
realised what it really was. Dion told about otherkin and how he most of the
times felt more dragon then human. That walking around as dragon freed his mind
and made him feel relaxed even though they were in a constant state of treat
from hunters. “Six months…Dion how could
that other you…that human"
she almost spit the word human out by this point
“ survive for so long?" Dion took a
moment before explaining the principles behind the machines that saved him.
Rakshasi did not seem to grasp the concept quite but she did not ask more. “Rakshasi" Dion started unsure “Where are we?" once again he looked
around, specially at the dragon skeleton. “We
are at the northern caves, Near the human capital. I brought you here. It might
sound strange but it is the safest place right now.
" Dion pointed at the
skeleton, Rakshasi answered before he could ask his question. “Dragons die here. Wounded dragons entered
the caves wounded to get healed. Most did not made it to the inner most parts.

“Then why we are here" Dion asked looking at the strange
symbols in the sealing. Most likely carved out by claws instead of chisels. “For you. You are ill Dion. not of body but
of mind. I knew before you told me your story. But now, I doubt my own reality.
Rakshasi took Dion's head to hold him secure. “Ether way it eats you up, if we don't heal you. You will die. Both in
this world and the other. “
she seemed not to want to say more about the
state of the reality. He did not dare to ask what was real ether. For all she
knew this was real. “how far is it? and
how about food?"
Rakshasi pointed at the backpacks. “I stored enough food to last us long enough. Now you are awake again
we can be faster into the centre of the system. It can take us another day to
reach it through."
Dion took a deep breath, his stomach started to growl. He
remembered that he would not have been able to ate for a whole two weeks. He
reached out for the backpack with the dried meat. Rakshasi was only too happy
to help him to some meat.  It was salty
and not at all tasting particular well. He took another small bite, his hunger
over took him. He was not in a position to complain about the quality of the
food, his body was weak and his stomach was empty. Rakshasi limed the amount
she gave him even when he wanted more. “if
you eat too much you will die from the food"
she growled quietly. Of
course, he should have realised before. How could he forget the stories of the
end of the hunger winter in 1944. When the people gotten after a long winter of
next to no food, heavy beans and bacon. People died from the food.  Dion seized his protests and glared off in
the long tunnel. “so when we will leave?"

shook her head “When you feel up to it. I
don't want to stretch you too much"
Dion took this as a challenge. He
wanted to show his strength of mind. Slowly and unbalanced he stood upright
again. he took his time to regain his balance. Only with his balance he started
to walk around the fire. He was closely followed by Rakshasi whom wanted to
catch him if he felt. With each step Dion's confidence grew, his body
responding well to the meal and his energy grew. Rakshasi hold him back again “Tomorrow" was her simple answer to
Dion's enthusiasm. Dion could feel his body 
starting to become tired again as the quick jolt of energy had burned
away. Once more he drifted off in his unconscious relaxation. 

That particular bleeping again. The rhythmic
bleed of the heart monitor marked his awakening. Dion felt like he wanted to
cry at the realisation. He could not take this constant switch of worlds
anymore. He longed for the world he was a dragon in but he awaken to find
himself stuck in bed at human. As person of logic he could no longer keep his
mind straight. The subconscious sensation, he had awoken from a state of catatonic
sleep. His muscles ached in pain as he had awaken. Apparently had had moved in
bed, but once he tried to move the muscles himself he was paralyzed. Doctors
seemed to mind their own business. Barely interacting with his awakened mind
like he was still asleep. He could hear the heavy distorted voice talk about
the weekends and celebrations. Most of them where Christmas plans. He felt
insignificant to the situation. Just another patient that was most possibly
beyond recovery. No wonder Dion longed back to the world of Rakshasi, a world
he was important in. Could it be that it was the reason why he made that world
up? To feel wanted and important? His train of thought interrupted when his
wife entered the room. Her eyes red of crying. She walked straight to him and
lingered over him. She showed him a pregnancy test, then her rounded belly.
Seven months, a unborn foetus of seven months and he was the father. Dion was
struck out cold, returning to the world of Rakshasi meant to leave a wife and
kid behind. Or would they not exist at all? Was this the fantasy his mind made
up to keep him away from coming events. Was he cursed to be alone or was he
cursed to be delusional? He wanted to say so much but could not say anything,
his vision yet again darkening as he drifted off into a slumber again.

Dion swore
to himself as he awakened. Again in the cave. The fire was smouldering in the
centre. He could feel an arm dapped over his body. he turned his head to find
Rakshasi pressed against his back, sleeping. Dion groaned in reflect the dream,
or what seemed to a dream now. He was not sure if he wanted the cure here.
Maybe it would keep him here and ruin everything he had. His job, his wife and
the child he was no father to. Or would it strop distracting him from his goal.
To stop the dragon-hunters and find out what the eggs mean. He could feel
something stir at his side. Rakshasi started to wake up next to him.
momentarily  his fears left his mind. “morning Rakshasi" he said to her while
he stood up. Once again testing the strength of his legs. They seemed to carry
his weight better than the previous day. Now able to walk he could get some
pieces of dried meat and have a quick breakfast. Rakshasi was fast to join him.
she wanted to continue the journey more than he did. Dion wondered if they
could be followed in here. He should ask her later if humans knew of this
place. His gaze looked at the backpacks as he mindlessly chewed the salty dried
meat. They took it slow. First testing out how Dion would cope with a backpack
before walking deeper into the cave. With the smouldering fire left behind the
cave became darter and darker. The only light was provided by a greenish glow
that came from the sealing of the cave. The low lighting levels did not seem to
be much of a problem to Draconic eyes. He could only imagination that human
eyes would fair far less in these conditions.

They spend
hours walking in silence in the dark caves. Dion had so much on his mind that
he could not streamline his thoughts to produce any useful questions. He could
only take in the envourment as they walked deeper and deeper into the cave
system. Rakshasi seemed determent almost if she had come here before. Without
hesitation she walked all the way to the inner most chamber. Dion could not
believe the size of the chamber, he wondered how far underground they were. The
chamber was around thirty meter high and at least frothy meters across. He
could see large stone pillars in the middle with glowing marks and what seemed
to be buildings carved, no clawed, out of granite around it. the stone pillars
glowed with strange ancient looking marks. They reminded him a bit of
hieroglyphs. Most where circular, centred around some carving that looked like
a dragon. Rakshasi leaded him to the centre right to a pillar. All the
buildings they passed by where deserted of any live. He could see cooking wear
and cloths laying around but no skeletons. It made Dion chill to the bones with
an eerie feel of fear. The foot of the stone pillar split up to make room for a
chapter. Leather fabric hang down for the entrance of the chamber behind it. A
layer of dust came off the fabric when Rakshasi moved it. “after you" she said. Guiding Dion into an empty room with a stone
table in the middle. Rakshasi pointed at the table “lay down" she commanded him. Did he had any choice by now? It was
not like he could walk away and come really far. “what is this about? He asked. His eyes gazed over the room. He
could see a large red glowing crystal above the table. It had a dull point that
pointed downwards towards the stone table. Dion felt uncomfortable he did not
know if he could trust Rakshasi's choice of medical treatment. Maybe he could
just wait and be treated by real doctors. “this
is how we treat you and your soul
" she positioned herself behind Dion. “lay down everything will be fine."

Dion could feel a voice in his head, it was not Rakshasi, it was not his own.
The mental voice was heavy and made his mind resonance in return. “svabol ui dout sgilill?" Dion had to
admit he was surprised to hear Draconic and looked around to find who was
talking to him.  He could find no one but
him and Rakshasi. Rakshasi was quicker than Dion in replying to the voice. Was
the mental talk not private? Did she hear it too? “nao ir shilta wux renthisj munthrek ekess sia thurirl?" she asked.
The voice seemed to pause for a good long moment before speaking again “A dragon who does not speak draconic!?"
it proclaimed with a tone that could be easily taken for anger. Rakshasi eyed
at Dion and nodded when Dion looked at her for help. “I was not hatched draconic!" The voice retreated before coming
with what seemed to be more accusations “You
were hatched Human? Rakshasi! You egg breaker! You brought a human here!?"

Rakshasi shrieked at the anger in the voice. Dion was overcome with fear, if
Rakshasi was afraid of what ever this was…he was in a worse position. “You have any idea what could happen if he
betrays us!?"
Dion took a deep breath to help Rakshasi out and speak up for
himself “I shall not! Rakshasi brought me
here because I am ill. I am dragon now, the humans would kill me before I could
even spill a secret."
  It might have
not been much of a wise decision to talk as the full might of the voice now
turned to Dion. “how dare you to speak to
me egg breaker. You who killed many of us"
Dion hissed under the pressure
the voice put on his mind. It seemed that it tried to crush him. Dion could not
expect help from whatever was still around here. “I did not kill any of you! I never will. Elder dragon, if you just
allow me to explain."
Dion hoped showing respect as a dragon would help the
situation. At the very least Rakshasi recovered from the pressure on her mind. “Alright…Dion egg breaker. Explain yourself"
Dion took a deep breath it would be a long story. He feared that if he told the
truth what was now judging would not believe him. but lying? Would it help?
Dion just started to the easiest option; telling what truly happened. About the
life as human he took, explaining how his world did not have any dragons and
about the train crash. About the way he woken up in a dragon body. Rakshasi
supported when Dion needed a breath of air. Not everything that happened to him
was as clear as he would like to be. The dream like state in the otherworld had
eaten way quite some details. The voice listened and judged. “And the constant split between both worlds
is tearing me apart. I do not know if I wake up as dragon here with Rakshasi or
I wake up a human with a wife and a child on the way
" Dion concluded his
story. He hoped that at least it would kill him what he had told the voice.

“I can see now" the voice did not sound angry anymore. Perhaps
Dion convinced him. Dion hoped it would. “Your
soul is split between two bodies…two minds. maybe both are a dream, maybe both
are real. Maybe one is real and the other is a dream.
" the voice concluded “I cannot help you." Great, Dion began
to get angry. He had come all this way to get told he could not be helped. The
voice did not stop however. “I can only
show you the door to fully experience the other side. You have to figure out
what is real…what is not. Only then I can look into your soul."
swallowed looking into one soul…everything would be exposed to the dragon. Dion
took a deep breath, deciding on what he to do. Not that he had much of a
choice. He could do nothing and die in agony or be helped and have his life
exposed to some strange voice. “Before we
do anything…who or what are you?
“ Dion asked the voice. He could see
Rakshasi growl, he could not make up if it was because of his question or if it
was that she never explained him. “Who am
I? look above you Dion red-scaled. I am You, I am Rakshasi, I am the one who
guides, I am what you will become.
" It did not make much sense to Dion, was
it some kind of god? Some dragon with power fantasies? “I am not an dragon, I am the souls of dragons that have died. Once
when the dragons empire ruled these lands this was the centre of the burial
ceremony. Dragons who were dying went here for help or to die peacefully. Those
who could be helped I helped. And those who were not gave their energy to me. I
am the collection of hundreds of generations of dragons collected in one.
Dion swallowed deeply as he looked above him. the reddish glow reflected in his
eyes. He placed a claw up on the stone table. “Alright" he nodded. he climbed on the table and laid down. Closing
his mind for what was to come “Let's do
He could feel his mind fill with an odd sensations. He could feel his
mind blur. Just before he lost consciousness he could hear Rakshasi “Have strength Dion…I will be here"