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It's eastern and April fools. Describe an egg hunt where
someone pulls an April's fool's joke.


Honestly, I hate egg hunts. It is just not my kind of this. But I sacrifice
myself for the kids and husband. It is difficult having a husband who is a
rider. Often from home, being away with someone who knows your love better than
you ever will. Suppose I am lucky to know he will never fall for her, with him
not being interested romantically in the other sex. But it still gets on my
nerves. It's not all bad. Having little dragons running around almost feels
like having children of myself.

"Having trouble? " He asked, with that kind of
smug grin on his face that I just know he is up to something.

"No, love," I give a peck on his cheek. "It's
just not my thing, you know that."

"Why not look over there? " He points to the

"Why? You know the children can't look at the roses.
They will trample them with their claws."

"That's why I hidden something especially for you

Rolling my eyes, I search between the roses with delicate
hands. I will kill him personally if he has ruined them. Suddenly, I find
something large and round. My eyes widened when I pull a blue dragon egg from
between the roses. Oh no. The one rule that we never break. Don't take eggs
from a mother dragon, even hubby is not stupid enough to do this.

A heavy thumb and a gush of wind sent all my nerves on edge.
Oh boy. It was her. Slowly, I turned around, my hand trembling, to look at the
silver dragoness that had formed a bond with my husband. Her eyes are pricing
at me. Am I dead? Slowly I offer the egg to her.

Her growl made my legs weak. Out of the corner of my eye, I
could see my husband just looking at me. Expressionless in his face. Why
doesn't he do anything?

The dragon suddenly snaps forwards and moments later I hear
a loud snap.

I dare not to look at first, but the pain I expected is not
there. Then I hear crunching sounds, like the dragon is eating something. Finally,
when I dare to look, I see the egg I hold snapped in half. Instead of egg
white, it was chocolate.

As my husband launches, the dragon directs its gaze at me,
wearing the most smug grin that I ever seen her pull.

"For the record, it was her idea," he said between
his laughter.

With a huff, I poke my finger into the dragon's snout.
"You have a terrible influence on my love"

The dragon's breath flushed over my face, her voice smooth
and calm in my head. "Oh sush you know I couldn't hurt the father of my