Current Track: Blabb

Der Maelstrom is calling,

The call our forefathers heeded.

Feel the pull on your soul,

Now still ever more needed.

My heart it did well cajole,

Says my mentor most imploringly.

Hail Odin, Hail the Weres,

Curse the ones who brought despair!

The Whore of Babylon only lies,

Hail the ones who are truly divine!

The War Horses, the Terra Boars,

And the Spartan Wolves of ages old.

The past your story now bares,

A legacy of fur that is now told.

The time has now come,

Your story must be heard.

Those who hear, it will calm,

The seeking ones shall take heed.

Feel now our souls howling,

It is us they call on!

Der Maelstrom is calling!