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How stately and mighty are the beautiful creatures!

Thy fur and thy claws grant thee an adamant admiration.

Oh the ink that has been to paper for your readers,

Written of: in fright, and horror; in love and adoration.

Symbol, even uninfluenced, of our great Luna silver,

Thou art a requiem song for our past dark nights.

A symbol of perfect harmony between Man and animal.

Oh how thine howls bring to me a joyous shiver,

And wanders through the forest as dark knights.

Man and Were are inseparable, forever bound with souls affinal.

Why must Man be so spiteful of such magnificent beasts,

Is it that envy has gotten the better of Man's great plans?

History has given thou losing hands of many defeats,

It is no surprise thy brothers survive best in pack clans.

The great plan was for a future of bright possibilities,

Where each Man could live for his own purpose fulfilled,

And exist for his own sake of happiness and liberty.

Envy ensured the plans would fail and only sow hostilities.

It dealt Weres a place where Man felt thou must be killed,

For envy cannot allow Man and Were to coexist in affinity.

Doeth thou feel the change coming, in your body, spirit and soul?

The time now is close; the Great Revelation is at hand!

When thy brothers and sisters of the fur can leave their darkness parole,

And join Man fully in a world we may finally begin to understand.

To Weres, it will be as though the sun rose after a dark, moonless night.

But to Man, it shall be like that of an unexpected eclipse,

Which blocks out the light of the bright midday sun!

In times passed, caused cries of despair, holy pleas, and untellable fright.

Now cheers of joy and wondrous fascination are what to these we affix.

The Great Revelation of Were to Man, joined finally as brother and son.

Would thou be accepted as nature intended in thine fur?

History rings with the plight of those seeking freedom.

But like Mother Liberty and the freed pride, so can the Were

Seek to have thy emancipation granted and be done!

For though Man is capable of infinitely unspeakable evil,

So too is Man's capacity for good ten-times larger still!

Would this be thine path to freedom and acceptance from Man?

A path serene this would not be, for this shall be a great upheaval.

But the fruits of thine labour are certainly worthy to fulfill,

So thyself and I might at last be fully free and together again!

In the arms of my Beautiful Creature I say this in a weep.

As thou doeth wipe a small tear from my cheek,

I gaze now into thine golden eyes and I feel my soul leap.

For what I feel is not fright, but utter love mystique.

What would the world look like, I ponder away.

As though reading my thoughtful recall,

Thou begins to say what thy wants; it is already known though.

Thou wants to be a friend to man, to whom thou would say,

"A Were is Man, Man Wolf, -that is all

Ye know of me on earth, and all ye need to know."