Current Track: Blabb
My life a quest | of which I knew
From the young time | to the silver age
The path of paws | I have long followed
A life spent traveling | searching and pondering

I know not where | from whence I came
I see not where | I am to go
Of triumph and victory | with despair and misery
My life a journey | to a land unknown

But now I see | with my own eyes
A glimpse of light | and a shed tear
For the first time | in a life short
I see the future | and a view forward
My glimpse of what | the world truly be
A wolf has shown | a future to find

Now the path seen | fear is passing fleetingly
I still know not | where I'm to go
The stars and luna | now guide my steps
The path is clear | for now progress begins

Through tears of joy | I know fully now
My quest of life | is not in vane
Through my own will | and perseverance of stead
I now know what | I must move towards

A heart now filled | with joy not pained
My will now strong | a soul now complete
And now I hear | the words long forgotten
"Teach not through teachers | teach by your leading"