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The young prince stood at his window waiting. It had been nearly a month since his regular

visitor had begun seeing him. At first, the visits happened in the courtyard gardens where the young

prince would like to take evening strolls under the light of the moon and stars. That first visit by him

would have been seen by many as an aggressive attack, and even the prince thought that at first.

However, fear of an attack rapidly changed to blind, unbridled passion and ecstasy while hidden away

in the castle gardens. The prince's first encounter changing his life forever, forcing him to accept that

which he had denied for so long.

At first, the visitor would only come every couple of nights, in order to ensure protection for

both himself and the boy, to not arouse the suspicion of the guards. However, as the third week rolled

around, he began visiting more frequently and each time the young prince experiencing the greatest

pleasure he could ever hope to feel. The moments of shared passion were changing him as well.

His body looked stronger.

His features more masculine.

His mannerisms and attitude changing drastically.

He was becoming something he truly loved.

These changes did not go unnoticed by those around him though, and it frightened many. His

father, the Duke was especially displeased with the changes he saw in his son. Initially, he was not

disapproving of the way his son was becoming more masculine and dominant. He considered those

good traits for future court life and realm management as his heir. However, his attitude changes were

rapidly becoming unbearable to the strict, dogmatic, religious Duke, who expected his son to take a

designated woman from a neighboring realm as his wife when he turned 18 in a matter of months. It

was during the fourth week that the Duke began to investigate what was occurring with his son. He had

guards follow him into the gardens the first few nights of the fourth week. All they saw was the young

prince casually stroll through them, never seeing him do anything odd or abnormal.

Unbeknownst to them, the prince's senses had grown much sharper and he knew full well he

was being followed. His regular visitor knew as well. Finally, on the 4th night of doing this regular

routine, the prince set up a simple trap for the guards. He used his now keen senses and new found

agility to quickly hide from the trailing guards. When they became confused as to where he had gone

and began searching for him, he waited until the time was right then confronted them directly as to why

he was being spied on. Initially, the guards were shocked that he had been so well hidden from them.

Then after a moment, they told him they were simply checking the gardens to ensure they were secure.

The prince knew they were not speaking the truth, but knew a confrontation of that kind would not go

in his favor against his father. So, he chose to accept it and let it go.

However, the next night as he was preparing for his nightly stroll, he heard a knock at the door.

He opened it and saw a guard normally in charge of watching his father's quarters deliver a vocal

message. It was from his father and it said that because of “concerns about the safety of the prince in

these uncertain and sinful times" that the prince “must remain in his quarters until dawn, with no

exceptions." This crushed the spirits of the prince initially. He thought he could potentially escape

when the guards were not watching. However, these plans were dashed when the guards last words

were, “do not fear my lord, I have been instructed to guard your hallway until dawn." Now the prince

knew there was but only one option, wait at the window and hope.

As the prince waited by the window, he could only hope his visitor would realize that something

had gone wrong and make amends for it. He knew he would not abandon him, but the fear of

potentially never seeing him again did frighten the hopeful prince a bit. It had been a couple of hours

since the sun set, with the moon hanging high and bright in the sky. Most of the castle was already

asleep, save for the guards and a few servants finishing up the last of their duties. The young prince

remained by the window, not knowing what would happen. Strangely, he began to feel a buzz of

excitement pass over him, but did not think it was real.

Suddenly, he heard the familiar sounds of claws gently, but firmly scratching and clacking up

the side of the brick walls towards his window. Before he even had a chance to look down, a large,

white-furred mass came barreling through the window into him. Before he knew it, he was wrapped in

the all too familiar warm embrace of two massive and muscular fur-covered arms. His face was

instantly awash in the warm, wet lapping of a large rough tongue. He looked up and saw two large,

brilliant, piercing golden eyes staring back at him. In his nighttime wear, his cock had become instantly

aroused and was now straining at the clothes he wore.

As soon as the lapping stopped, the large creature leaned closer to him and softly said, “are you

ready, my son?" The boys head nodded instinctively. Then without a second to think otherwise, the

large creature extended a single claw and sliced it up through the the boy's upper night time wear,

effortlessly pulling it free of the prince's torso. The sensation of the cool night air made the boy shiver

as it hit his exposed skin. At first this startled him, as it had been common place for him to protect his

clothes from damage and avoid arousing suspicion. The large creature looked at him and expected this


“You will not need those after tonight, my son," he said in a soft voice to the boy.

“Tonight, you will join me as a wolf, as my son, as a son of Tiberius, as a son and wolf of the


With that, the boy simply mouthed the words “I am ready" to the large werewolf looming over

him. Then in another swift motion, the wolf's claw ripped down his trousers and pulled them free from

his body, releasing the eager prince's engorged cock from the restraining fabric. Looking down at the

boy's proudly erect cock, the wolf smoothly lowered his muzzle down to it and used his large, rough

tongue to sweep over all parts of it.

Underside and head.

Balls to slit.

The boy's eyes rolled back in his head and within moments his cock erupted in a deluge of cum

into the wolf's awaiting muzzle, as the prince softly moaned and shuddered in pure pleasure. For most

men that would be the end, but for him it was just the beginning. His cock never ceased to be hard, as

the wolf re-positioned the boy to be almost sitting in his lap and facing him. The wolf's 12" slick

canine cock stood proudly erect, uncovered from the sheath that protected it. The boy put his hands on

the wolf's large fur-covered shoulders as the wold began to gently lower the boy onto his cock. The

wolf's tapered pointed head penetrated the boy first and then smoothly inserted into him with an

uncanny, but natural, amount of the wolf's fluids. The wolf's cock continued to push into the boy. It

went in firmly but smoothly, into the boy's awaiting hole. The prince himself finally landed on the

wolf's swelling knot, but without a second passing and some mild force, his hole opened more and

slipped past the wolf's knot, which tied them into place.

The pressure on the boy's prostate was simply too much, as he exploded again, shooting cum

onto the soft, short, white fur of the wolf's chest and stomach. Before a moan could escape his lips, the

wolf pressed his muzzle against the boy's mouth, absorbing the moan of ecstasy as to not alert the

guards of anything suspicious. The tightness of the boy's ass on the wolf's cock was all he needed, as

he began to breath heavily, stifling his own moan in the process. His cock began to release his own

special sweet wolf fluid in the boys ass. The cock continued sending more and more of the wolf's thick

sex syrup into the eager boy. More and more entered the belly of the boy, making it begin to visibly

bulge from the amount of the syrup being released inside it. Although he barely even noticed in the

midst of his dream of pure pleasure and ecstasy, the boy thought he could taste some the sweet syrup in

his mouth. As if he was being filled that full.

The boys cock then began to release its own sex fluid a third time. This time it felt and looked

different. The fluid that came out was mostly clear and felt denser. Instead of quickly shooting out of

him, the clear fluid was simply flowing slowly out of his cock. It looked and smelled exactly like what

would normally come out of the wolf, but the boy had no care about if it actually was or was not.

This moment and sexual display continued for a while longer, before the boy felt himself

stopped being filled by the wolf's own sex syrup. The wolf remained knotted to him though, as the

boy's cock continued to slowly release its own sex syrup. As it finally slowed to almost a complete

stop, the boy looked up at the wolf wondering why he was still knotted in him and why he could see so

clearly inside of his room now. Suddenly, a pain ripped through the prince's body as he began to

convulse. The wolf gently pulled and extracted his canine cock from the boy's ass, with a gush of syrup

swiftly trailing behind it and pouring out of the now vacant hole.

The wolf knew what was coming next and prepared quickly. He grabbed and pushed the

prince's bed against the door to ensure no one could enter. Then he turned his attention back to the boy,

who was now painfully twisting and shaking.

His muscles were growing.

His facial structure was rapidly changing and elongating.

The boy's body was rapidly becoming more and more hairy, as his hands and feet changed their

shape and form. Black claws grew from under his nail beds and his crotch and chest hair turned white,

becoming more like fur. Darker gray fur appearing and spreading down his head, back, arms, butt, and

legs. Then it began growing longer. From the top of his ass, a tail took form with the same darker gray

fur spreading down it. He had also grown a noticeable beard, which turned gray and connected with the

fur on his chest. The fur there was becoming a smooth coat of white, connecting from his sack all the

way up to his now fully formed muzzle. His new canine cock had a newly formed fur-covered sheath

surrounding it. His feet now powerful, large paws with darker gray fur on them and black pads


As his changes finished, the pain subsided and he could finally look up. Tiberius the large wolf

was right beside him and had been comforting him throughout the whole process of the transformation.

The sight of the piercing blue eyes made his powerful heart beat even faster than it already was. With

the pain gone, the transformed prince stood up on his own paws with Tiberius beside him. For a brief

moment they gazed into each others eyes, when suddenly a powerful howl ripped out of the boy's

muzzle, which was swiftly joined by Tiberius's own powerful, booming howl. The kind of howl heard

miles away. A commotion had already been stirring in the hall when the guards heard noises that were

unfamiliar to them, but could not determine where they originated from. However, the howl instantly

sent a shiver of terror through them, and they first froze then ran to the prince's door. They tried to gain

access and force their way in, but found the door barricaded and were unable to make it move.

Tiberius looked at his newly changed son, the young wolf, then swiftly motioned for him to

follow before leaping out the window and down onto the roof of a nearby terrace. He followed it to the

large castle walls before jumping over into the thick woods beyond and beside the castle. The young

wolf prepared to follow him, taking one last brief look at the castle grounds and the red curtains of his

room blowing in the night air. Down below him, the guards had gone into a frenzied panic, ringing

alarm bells, yelling, shouting, running to their posts to investigate the deafening howl. Behind him, he

heard the guards trying to force the door open, slowly pushing the bed aside with each shove. The

young wolf wasted no time leaping out the window and down onto the terrace roof himself. He could

hear the guards finally enter into his old room behind him, as well as the blasphemous gasps escaping

their mouths, at witnessing the sight of his ripped clothes covered in a clear, sweet smelling syrup that

also covered the floor. The young wolf laughed as he ran along the roof to the walls before gracefully

vaulting over them. He effortlessly landed on the soft ground below and saw Tiberius staring back at

him through the trees, before swiftly turning and vaulted into the woods. The young wolf could easily

follow his scent with his new enhanced nose and took off after him, leaving the castle guards in

disarray and leaving his old life permanently behind him.