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“Leave him!”
Cynder growled low and menacing as Spyro was lying on the grass a nasty cut
down his flank. Stranded just before the boyitzbig mountain. She followed the
purple dragon’s actions with great curiosity as the stubborn dragon just didn’t
know when to quit. However, now he was grazed by a lucky shot and was injured,
red blood spilling from his flank. He was still consciously grasping at a red
healing crystal just out or range. The pain in his chest making him wince with
every single breath.

Sparx, the
little dragon fly tried to move the healing crystal closer to Spyro, even when
the shape of the ape general loomed over him.

“Well, here
we are at last” Cynder grasped the healing crystal from the ground, looking at Spyro,
who winced at her shape. Could she see the admiration in his eyes? Or was that
just terror?

Spyro tried
to stand up and fight the large black dragon. It was no use, as he collapsed almost
instantly. Cynder used her magic to lift him from the ground and inspect him
more closely. For a smaller dragon who had spirit. Sure, they were the same
age, but with the black magic running through her veins, she was unstoppable.

The apes
gathered around to see what the queen of the skies was going to do with their
nemesis. She growled at them. “Let’s get somewhere more private,” she hissed
softly at Spyro.

She placed
the smaller purple dragon on her back and with two powerful beats of her wings;
she took to the sky. Spyro could feel the powerful muscles of the dragoness’s
body under his belly, even when he turned her black scales red with his blood. He
could not help but admire her strength and cunning she had shown so far. Even
when he hated to admit it, her sleek body stirred something awake in him he did
not dare to dream off. An attraction tops his enemy.

Cynder flew
straight to her castle and dropped him off at the balcony to her room. There,
she lifted his wing to inspect his wound more closely. He winced as she prodded
at the tender areas. When a single claw traced along his scale, he felt a
thrill shoot through his body.

“You have annoyed
my plans for some time, little purple dragon” She spoke menacingly. “For such a
small dragon, to have such a big impact, you impress me”.

Spyro Tried
to stand up but winced again and collapsed on his belly again. Roaring when
pain shot through his body.

Cynder felt
sorry for the little dragon. He was like her, after all. Even when they were at
odds, they both had no choice but to fight. She took a deep breath and clutched
the healing crystal. Damning herself for what she was about to do.

“I can heal
you,” Cynder spoke softly. “But it will take some time. Let’s get you inside,
somewhere warm and comfortable.”

Cynder’s magic carefully moved him, pulled him inside of her lair and placed
him on her bed. Spyro’s heart raced with the thrill and excitement of being such
an intimate environment with his sworn enemy. It was everything wrong and yet
felt so right.

“Are you
ready” Cynder spoke.

nodded and closed his eyes when the healing crystal touched his flank, and
magic flowed through him. Healing the wound with a warm, tingling sensation. He
couldn’t help but let out a small moan of pleasure as Cynder worked his flesh.
He found himself lost in the thought. He simply couldn’t stop thinking about Cynder
and how much passion was filling her.

When the
healing crystal was used up, his wound has not completely healed. Through the
bleeding stopped, and some scales had formed back. Spyro sat up and looked at
Cynder. “Thank you,” he said with a low and husky voice. “I feel much better
now. But what you are going to do with me now?”

Cynder traced
a claw along his neck. “Well, little purple dragon. There is something you can
do for me”.

she leaned in and kissed him in a fierce kiss. Filled with pent-up desires that
had been building ever since she knew another dragon was around. Spyro felt
himself melting into the kiss, his body responding to the larger dragoness.

looked at Cynder with awe and desire when the kiss broke. Panting, he was the
first to speak. “I want you.” He said determined. “Even if you are my mortal enemy,
or maybe because you are that I don’t know”.

Cynder hummed
and pressed Spyro on his back with a single claw. “Oh, my little dragon, I
hoped you would say that. Because tonight you are mine.”

They were
two enemies, two dragons at war. But in that moment, in the heat of the night,
their love mattered. Both cared not about the consequences of this single night.
It did not matter what was going to happen, who was going to win. What only
mattered was they had a moment of freedom from the bounds that had been placed
up on them and then choose to spend it together.