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I'm an amateur writer, demisexual coywolf, and coolest freaking loser you'll ever meet in your life! Hailing from the Alamo City itself. Currently working on a story called "Bruce and Danny". Some of you may also know me by my other name I've gone by for a while, BeatleNumber9. I'm an amateur writer, with quite a few works under his belt. Interested in collaborating with other writers or artists, especially those just starting out. I'm pretty social, or at least way less antisocial now than before I joined this fandom, so don't be afraid to hit me up on Telegram or something.

I'll post other short stories and pictures I commission from other artists as well.


I'm currently experiencing a form of identity theft in the form of someone using my furry alias "Ash Cinder" on the dark web on several sites with extremely illegal content and impersonating me. If anyone ever messages you about this under my name IT IS NOT ME and before blocking them, I'd really appreciate you sharing the profile with me, as since they aren't using any information from my actual real life identity there's nothing authorities can do about it. So, I'd appreciate any other evidence I can use to defend myself.

Be skeptical of anyone trying to tie me to anything related to the dark web, especially a Brazilian site under the name Amorzhino. DO NOT look it up, DO NOT go on the dark web period. The only reason people "should" be on there is if they're doing something they don't want people to know about, which I guess is why whoever-this-is using someone else's name, so someone else can suffer the consequences of their actions instead of them.

As to why me? I've been active in the fandom since 2017 and even though that's not a long time, I've had several friendships that have turned sour to varying degrees. I don't know for sure if one of them is behind it, but I have a strong suspicion this is the case, but since I only have circumstantial evidence, I won't name anyone I suspect might be behind it.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope you enjoy the content on the rest of my page.

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