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Charn is just your average fifty-something serial genital cannibal. He's a real sweet heart to ya, very protective of the young, weak, and old, and even puts up with the occasional idiot, unless they have made the mistake of being born with big balls.

He owns, and can be seen alternating his work in, a variety of establishments, including a barber shop, a sex shop, a gym, a restaurant, a massage parlor, and a spa. Coincidentally, all of these establishments make up one large building, so that you can walk from a clean shave in the barber shop to pump some iron in the gym, rinse off and get a massage in the spa, then pamper yourself with a nice meal in the restaurant.Sounds wonderful, yes? And completely clothing optional.

He also owns a factory and a warehouse of indeterminate purpose, and there is a small island off the coast with a luxury resort. There's also that sleazy cable tv show he produces, and of course there's the political lobbying firm he is a partner of.

A very busy tiger, indeed.