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Where does everyone fit in society?

Everyone in Kyruku society is viewed as an important part of a vastly larger machine that is the ideal of working towards a united effort for the good of the empire as a greater whole. Is there any sort of classism or elitism present however? Ahaha, Kyruku would like to say no, for they are a united species, and what place would classism and elitism have within such a magnificent race?

Alas however, despite their best intentions and ideals, there is still a certain social ‘hierarchy’ that tends to be adhered to by most people living within the empire, be they Kyruku or otherwise. At the very bottom of the ladder below the rungs even are the Dragari.

Seen largely as an undesired side effect from crossbreeding, Dragari, despite the insistence of the empire at large, are treated by many as second class citizens. In many facilities, businesses will refuse them service, the facility will issue them outdated or substandard housing arrangements, and generally, make their lot in facility life several factors more difficult than it would be for a pure blood Kyruku.

Above Dragari are those citizens whom have Kyruku lineage, but are themselves not Kyruku, as well as non-Kyruku overall. While much of the classism that occurs towards Dragari is no longer present, many still shun them as outsiders, and they are regarded with suspicion and mistrust in their actions, as they cannot truly have the interests of a species not their own at heart. It is rare for outsiders to break from this social group, but in several notable and other small unnoted occasions, it has occurred.

Next in the order of social standing comes mutt bred Kyruku, those who are pure or mixed breed Kyruku, but of different sub-species or with minor linkage to other races, but for all intents and purposes, would pass as Kyruku at a glance. These are considered the average citizenry, workers, merchants, trades, poets and other some such; The everyday folks who live next door.

At the top of the social ladder are the pure bloods, those Kyruku who refuse to sully their bloodlines by mixing with outside species or other sub-species outside of their own. Often seen as an outdated and prudish practice, nevertheless, the most influential Kyruku are more often than not directly within the class of society.

But above all of these classes, there is one group whom all defer to with a reverence and respect bestowed from ages of unspoken service. The Sharao’Par. Members of this ‘elite’ group, ironically, come from all of the classes listed, including the Dragari determined and committed enough to pass their rigorous tests and ceremonies. The Sharao’Par are an elite regiment of prophetic warriors and scholars, dedicated to the preservation of both the Kyruku species and traditions.

Stemming from one of the earliest recorded religious groups, they have long served as quiet mediators and arbiters, much of their societies inner workings are kept as closely guarded secrets, yet on more than one occasion, it has been through their efforts that entire planetary systems have been pulled back from the brink of collapse, and their reputation is one of legend. Distinctively garbed in dark robes of the colour assigned to their home facilities when not on active duties and with ritual tattoos marking one side of their bodies from head to toe, many revere the Sharao’Par as the highest within society for their selfless dedication to the furtherance of the species, as well as its preservation.